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What is a family law consent order?


A consent order is a written agreement that has been approved by the court.

It is a formal court order.

What does a consent order cover?

Consent orders can cover both property and financial issues, and parenting arrangements regarding children.

Property and financial orders will typically deal with arrangements for...


  • How your assets and debts are divided between you.

  • Spousal maintenance or de facto maintenance.

  • How your superannuation will be divided.

Are they a good idea?

If you’ve reached agreement with your ex about your property and finances, there are benefits to turning this agreement into a consent order.

It makes the agreement legally binding.

There are only a few circumstances where a consent order can be overturned. In other words, it ends your financial relationship.

In many situations, they can provide you with stamp duty relief on the transfer of assets and also capital gains tax relief.

It’s a lot cheaper to agree on property and financial arrangements and obtain consent orders, than it is to engage lawyers and go to court.

What next?

If you want help identifying and resolving issues arise after separation, check out our Separation Guide. We’re here to help.

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