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Example court order for parental responsibility

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Here’s an example of a court order in relation to parental responsibility.

This is a general example only.​ You should obtain legal advice about your own situation before entering into any agreement or signing any orders.

Court order...

Equal shared responsibility

  1. That the father and mother have equal shared parental responsibility for the child HARRY SMITH born 31 July 2019 ('Harry').

  2. That in the exercise of parental responsibility pursuant to Order 1:

    (a) Either parent may contact the other in writing and provide their views about any such issue;

    (b) The parents will make a genuine effort to come to a joint decision about any such issue; and

    (c) If no agreement is reached between the parties within 14 days of contact, the parents must attend a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner;

    (d) If no agreement is reached between the parties within 7 days after their attendance with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, then the status quo will remain.


  3. That each party has responsibility for decisions as to Harry's day to day care, welfare and development during periods when he is spending time with that party.


What next?

If you're feeling tired and stressed be sure to make some time for yourself. Try to keep moving and stay focused. Make a to do list and if you’re feel you might need some guidance but you're unsure where to start, we’re here to help.

Have a look at our Separation Guide which will take you through things step by step. It will give you some peace of mind and is a reference you can go back to over and over again.

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