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What is a parenting order?


A parenting order is a court order relating to children. It can deal with any aspect relating to the care and welfare arrangements for children.



Orders usually cover...

Parenting orders will usually cover the following...

  • The person who a child is going to live with.

  • The people who a child is going to spend time with.

  • The parental responsibility for a child.

  • How the child will communicate with one parent when in the care of the other


Orders often cover...

Parenting orders will often cover other arrangements for the children, including things like...

  • School holidays, special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas Day and other religious holidays.

  • Changeover arrangements - how the child will get from one parent to the other.

  • Schooling.

  • Medical care.

  • Extra-curricular activities.

  • How the parents will communicate with each other.

Orders can also cover...


There's an unlimited number of things that can be covered in a court order. For example...

  • How the parents should go about resolving a future dispute about their children

  • The steps that must be followed before one party can apply to the court to change a parenting order

What next?

If you're concerned about legal fees but you'd like some more information about separation and the steps you should be taking, be sure to check out our Separation Guide.


It will give you some peace of mind, and is a good checklist of things you should be doing.

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