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What is sole parental responsibility?


If you can’t agree on certain arrangements for your child’s ongoing care, you might need a court order.

If the other parent is simply refusing to talk to you, this doesn’t mean you have sole parental responsibility.

What issues does sole parental responsibility cover?

Orders for sole parental responsibility are most often made in relation to specific issues.

Issues such as…

  • Current and future education and schooling.

  • Health, including things such as immunisation and medical procedures.

  • Religious and cultural upbringing.

  • Changing a child’s name.

  • Authorising overseas travel.

  • Changing the child’s living arrangements in a way that makes it significantly harder for them to spend time with a parent. For example, moving a child’s home interstate or overseas.


What next?

If you’re feeling uncertain about where to start and concerned about enormous legal fees - we’re here to help.


Our Separation Guide has a load of information that will help you identify issues and point you in the right direction.



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